Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yard Sale Week 5

So last week we went to a neighborhood sale on our way to Richmond. We found some good deals. I got a learning table for $1 which works fine and I will resell once Chloe grows out of it. I got a carseat for $5 which I have already resold for $13. I got a potty chair for $2 which I hope to get $5 for. I also picked up a camp chair, some princesses and a few items of clothing including that adorable frufru bathing suit for Tirzah--which is perfect because I was needing one for her.

Update on last week I sold the portable bed for $15 (bought for $3) and sold the booster high chair I got for $2 for $5. I also have someone interested in the phone I bought for $.25 for $2. Starting small but getting better at bargaining and getting what I want.

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